Philippe de Sousa


The guitar Portuguese, descending direct of the European cistre, grew in Portugal to become one of the more played instruments and adopted as the main instrument of the fado. Since his beginning, the fado didn't stop developing, as well in the vocal expression as in the instrumental technique.

Traditionally used to accompany the fado, the Portuguese guitar is a versatil instrument and Philippe de Sousa doesn't hesitate in taking advantage of its resonant characteristics.

In this site it can discover this musician, his music, the Portuguese guitar and the Fado in Paris.

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Autour du FADO
Fado concerts at La Chapelle des Lombards with different artists.

Autour du Fado

01 February : Mónica Cunha

22 February : João Girão

08 March : Rose


monica-cunha Mónica Cunha
"Cor de Fado"
lizzie Lizzie Levée